Suzhou Ou Shi Da hot melt machine equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003, is a mainland China well-known is the largest of the specialized in hot melt adhesive spraying equipment research, technology development, production and (main components imported) sales and for customers to provide technical consultation for the integration of science and technology joint venture. In Hongkong and across the country with a branch or office, to provide timely and quality services to customers at home and abroad. After years of efforts, has launched a series of high-quality hot melt glue machine, hot melt glue gun, hot melt pipe, hot melt adhesive box sealing machine, hot melt adhesive sealing machine, hot melt adhesive coating machine, hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. Widely used in health activities (diapers, sanitary napkins, disposable items), air filter, composite non-woven fabric, shoes, printing, product assembly, clothing, dry paste, packaging (carton packaging, cigarette case, wine, gift boxes, glasses box, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, color box packaging adhesive dispensing viscose glue industry), composite coating industry (label paper, label double-sided tape, breathable medical tape), product assembly (home appliances, furniture fitting, wire and cable) automobile industry (interior seal, manufacturing lights and windshield assembly Book installed order fields and other industries. Company has always been the pursuit of excellence, continuous development and innovation has a number of mechanical industry automation computer management and other professional personnel, set many years of practical experience, and to improve the quality assurance system throughout the manufacturing, installation, commissioning the whole process, to ensure product quality, excellent performance, product processing equipment, complete testing facilities, and resolutely put an end to the factory.
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